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Topics & Keywords

Last update 15 May 2022

Entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies

  • Are entirely novel energy technologies and self-running systems really genuine and why does it take so long to make them tangible and commercially available ? https://novam-research.com/energy4.php

Further topics and keywords in alphabetical order

Aetherometry: https://www.aetherometry.com

Andre Waser`s Electrodynamics and Physics pages: http://andre-waser.ch/Physics.htm

Astronomy / Astrophysics: https://novam-research.com/astro.php

(Other) Better world projects: https://novam-research.com/better-world-projects

Bijective physics / Bijective Physics Institute - BPI: http://bijectivephysics.com

Borderlands of Science - Comprehensive website (in German) about entirely novel energy technologies and unconventional approaches in physics and science: http://borderlands.de

Browns Gas - A gas with unusual properties: https://novam-research.com/browns-gas.php

Buch der Synergie - A very comprehensive website from Achmed A. W. Khammas about many types of energy, propulsion, transportation, and battery technologies (in German): https://buch-der-synergie.de

Chemtrails - Is there a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program ? https://novam-research.com/chemtrails.php

Corona virus and related topics: https://novam-research.com/health.php

Desert Greening (in German): https://desert-greening.com

Direct structure model of matter - a concept of a new basic physics by Dr. Ralf Gleichmann: http://gleichmann.scienceontheweb.net

Dr. Peter Plichta's website about numbers, prime numbers, chemistry, science, and Platon's space mirror (in German): http://www.plichta.de/plichta

Dr. Alexander Unzicker's

EarthTech International - Exploring novel ideas in physics: https://earthtech.org

ECAT - A novel energy technology: https://novam-research.com/ecat.php

ECE Theory - An unified field theory: https://novam-research.com/ece.php

Electromagnetism / Advanced electromagnetism: https://novam-research.com/em.php

Electrosmog  /  Electromagnetic pollution  /  5G  /  Harmful effects of wireless communication technologies: https://novam-research.com/electrosmog.php

Global Scaling - A holistic approach in science: https://novam-research.com/global-scaling.php

Harmful effects of wireless communication technologies and 5G: https://novam-research.com/electrosmog.php

Heim Theory - The unified field theory of Burkhard Heim: https://novam-research.com/heim-theory.php

Information Energetics: http://www.informations-energetik.de

Institute for Venture Science: https://ivscience.org

Integrity Research Institute: https://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org

IT (information technology) - Examples of useful tools and software: https://novam-research.com/it

Keppe Motor / Keppe Physics - A new approach in physics and energy technology: https://novam-research.com/keppe.php

Keshe Foundation - Novel science and technologies: https://keshe.foundation

LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: https://novam-research.com/lenr.php:

Mathematics, numbers, and geometry: https://novam-research.com/math.php

Metaphysics and Spirituality: https://novam-research.com/metaphysics.php

Movie "The Connected Universe": https://www.theconnecteduniversefilm.com

Movie "Thank you for calling" - About potential health risks of mobile phones (in German): http://www.ty4c.com

Movie "Overcast" - About natural, artificial, and harmful atmospheric phenomena, chemtrails, and geoengineering (YouTube channel with videos in several languages including English): https://www.youtube.com/user/OVERCASTTHEMOVIE/featured

Natural Philosophy - John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society: https://naturalphilosophy.org

Overcast - Movie about natural, artificial, and harmful atmospheric phenomena, chemtrails, and geoengineering (YouTube channel with videos in several languages including English): https://www.youtube.com/user/OVERCASTTHEMOVIE/featured

OPPT (The One People's Public Trust) - Human beings are legally free: https://novam-research.com/we-are-legally-free.php

(Alleged) Pandemic & World events & We are legally free: https://novam-research.com/health.php

Progress in Physics - Journal: http://www.ptep-online.com

Ram pumps / Self-running ram pumps: https://novam-research.com/ram-pumps.php

Reactionless electromagnetic generator from Paramahamsa Tewari: https://novam-research.com/tewari.php

Resonance Science Foundation: https://www.resonancescience.org

Science 21 Foundation: https://science21.cz

(Advanced) Space propulsion concepts: https://novam-research.com/advanced-space-propulsion.php

Subquantum kinetics - A paper by Dr. P. A. LaViolette                                             

Subtle matter by Dr. Klaus Volkamer: https://novam-research.com/subtle-matter.php

Superconductivity - Some papers and links: https://novam-research.com/superconductivity.php

Superfluid quantum space as an unified field theory: https://osf.io/x7hc2

Tesla Society Switzerland & EU (in German): http://www.teslasociety.ch

The Connected Universe - Movie: https://www.theconnecteduniversefilm.com

The One People's Public Trust - Human beings are legally free and sovereign: https://novam-research.com/we-are-legally-free.php

Thermodynamics - A refutation of the second main theorem of thermodynamics: An efficiency calculation for the LESA mixed steam power plant: https://www.lesa-maschinen.de/assets/Uploads/WirkungsbroschuereEN.pdf

Time - Institute for the exploration of the nature of time: http://www.chronos.msu.ru/en/home

Time - Science of Time by Velimir Abramovic: http://constantpresenttime.com

Topological Geometrodynamics - An unified field theory: http://www.tgdtheory.fi

Torkado.de - Gabi Mueller`s website about vortices, physics, mathematics, fractals, biology, life, and metaphysics (in German): http://www.torkado.de

Vortex physics - Some papers and links: https://novam-research.com/vortex.php

Water - Structure, science, structured water, and swirled or vortex water: https://novam-research.com/water.php

Wood harvestet at the right time - so-called moon wood, Thoma wood, or Wood100, and wooden walls and houses by Dr. Ing. Erwin Thoma: https://www.thoma.at/moon-wood . Company and information website (in German, English, and other languages): https://www.thoma.at . German-language talk by Dr. Ing. Erwin Toma from 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQjYkg9LpEI&t=470s

World events & Alleged pandemic & We are legally free: https://novam-research.com/health.php

World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE): http://instituteforscientificexploration.org


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