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Reactionless electromagnetic generator (RLG) from Paramahamsa Tewari

Last update 21 May 2017

Website about the Indian engineer and researcher Paramahamsa Tewari, his reactionless electromagnetic generator, and his papers and books: www.tewari.org

Image from www.tewari.org

Presentation from Paramahamsa Tewari and Toby Grotz, lectured by Toby Grotz at a congress about novel energy technologies and related topics on 11 September 2016 in Bad Goegging in Germany (version 2 from 25 September 2016, file size 4 MB pdf): www.novam-research.com/resources/Tewari-generator_Physics_Teslas-prophecy_P-Tewari-and-T-Grotz_2016_v2.pdf 

Two German-language reports on pages 35 - 37 in the November / December 2015 issue of the NET-Journal (ISSN 1420-9292, in German):



The latter German-language report sketches the operation principle of the Tewari generator. It is based on a design which diminishes the counter-electromotive force (back EMF).

The following pdf slide set from a talk by Adolf Schneider about novel energy technologies on 3 November 2016 at the World Clean Energy Conference 2016 in Geneva in Switzerland presents on pages 13 - 15 the reactionless generator from Paramahamsa Tewari (file size about 2 MB): http://novam-research.com/resources/Novel-energy-technologies_Talk-by-Adolf-Schneider-at-WCEC-on-3-Nov-2016_Slide-set.pdf

Paramahamsa Tewari, his new concepts in physics, and his reactionsless electromagnetic generator are part of the movie Out of the Void, see the following press release: http://novam-research.com/resources/PRESS-RELEASE_Movie_Out-of-the-Void.pdf . The movie Out of the Void has been released and can be purchased for viewing or download via https://vimeo.com/ondemand/outofthevoid

Video from a test of the reactionless electromagnetic generator (RLG) and comments by Toby Grotz: https://vimeo.com/190251670 


The author of this website thanks

  • Toby Grotz and Paramahamsa Tewari for the permission to publish the slide set of the above-mentioned talk by Toby Grotz in this website
  • Adolf Schneider and Inge Schneider for various reports and communications about the reactionless electromagnetic generator from Paramahamsa Tewari and the organization of the above-mentioned conference about entirely novel energy technologies where Toby Grotz did present the above-mentioned talk