Last update 20 June 2018

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  • appreciate this website, its contents and intentions, and the required work to create and update it
  • appreciate the funding call for an independent research facility as described in this information document
  • want to support people, researchers, scientists, and inventors who work in the area of entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies and other fields of non-mainstream science

then any donation is gratefully welcome.

Bank account:

Account number: 0593170400

Account number in terms of IBAN: DE38 2004 1144 0593 1704 00

Bank code: 20041144


Name and address of the bank:

comdirect bank Aktiengesellschaft

Pascalkehre 15

25451 Quickborn


Name and address of the account holder:

Frank Lichtenberg

Segantinistrasse 39

8049 Zurich


For the sake of transparency:

The author of this website, Frank Lichtenberg,

  • was born 1962 in Germany
  • is living and working in Switzerland and holds two giro accounts, one at a bank in Switzerland and one at a bank in Germany. The latter is specified above
  • specifies both giro accounts in the annual tax declaration