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Funding call & Donations

Last update 5 December 2021

Details of bank account

The topics, concepts, and results presented in this website embody the beginning of a new era in science and technology. To make the entire potential of these little-known areas beneficial for all of humanity, more

  • research, development, and manufacturing
  • advancement
  • education

is required. Until now there is no appropriate support in this field. Furthermore it is also desirable

  • to support some existing technologies and initiatives and their advancement
  • to make already available technologies tangible. For example, a self-running and zero emission 200 kW power plant from the company Rosch Innovations (see this report) should be purchased, paid, and installed at a location / customer where it can be visited and inspected by others and where the generated electricity can be used

For the above-mentioned aims, intentions, and tasks any amount of donation and funding is useful. However, to create a significant impact an amount of the order of several 100 Million EUR / CHF / USD seems to be reasonable for the start-up and the first few years.

If you

  • appreciate the above-mentioned funding call
  • want to support people, researchers, scientists, and inventors who work in the area of entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies and other fields of an advanced / non-mainstream / little-known science and technology
  • appreciate this website, its contents and intentions, and the required work to create and update it

then any donation is gratefully welcome. For details of bank account click here . Also bestowals of non-monetary things such as properties, buildings, and electric cars are welcome and useful.

For the sake of transparency:

The author of this website, Frank Lichtenberg,

  • was born 1962 in Germany
  • is living and working in Switzerland and holds two giro accounts, one at a bank in Switzerland and one at a bank in Germany
  • specifies both giro accounts in the annual tax declaration

So far no donation was received.



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