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Mathematics, numbers, and geometry

Last update 5 November 2022

Nice online calculator (website in German): https://web2.0rechner.de

A true random number generator which is based on atmospheric noise: https://www.random.org 

Mathematics atelier by Dr. Elisabeth Welz in Switzerkand (in German): http://www.mathematikatelier.de

Sacred Geometry Academy: https://sacredgeometryacademy.com

5 November 2022 Oloid - A special geometric shape or solid discovered by the Swiss sculptor and mechanical engineer Paul Schatz:

  • Website of the Paul Schatz Foundation in Switzerland (in German, English version under construction): https://paul-schatz.ch

Projective geometry:

Dr. Peter Plichta's website about numbers, prime numbers, chemistry, science, and Platon's space mirror (in German): http://www.plichta.de/plichta