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Subtle matter by Dr. Klaus Volkamer

Last update 18 May 2022

Dr. Klaus Volkamer passed away on 16 March 2022. A German-language obituary is published on pages 57 and 58 in the May / June 2022 issue of the German-language journal NET-Journal (ISSN 1420-9292).

Some of his papers, books, presentations, and talks:

Detection of dark matter radiation of stars during visible sun eclipses, K. Volkamer, Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements 124 (2003) 117 – 127: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0920-5632(03)02090-5

Experimental Evidence of a New Type of Quantized Matter with Quanta as Integer Multiples of the Planck Mass, K. Volkamer and C. Streicher, Apeiron 6 (1999) 63 – 82: http://redshift.vif.com/JournalFiles/Pre2001/V06NO1PDF/V06n1vol.pdf

Book "Discovery of subtle matter - A short introduction" by Dr. Klaus Volkamer, 115 pages, first edition 2017, ISBN 978-3-946533-01-6, published by Brosowski publishing (Berlin, Germany): https://www.broowski-publishing.com/klaus_volkamer_discovery_of_subtle_matter

Book "Weighing Soul Substance" by Dr. Klaus Volkamer, 236 pages, first edition 2020, ISBN 978-3946533023, published by Brosowski publishing (Berlin, Germany): https://www.brosowski-publishing.com/klaus-volkamer-weighing-soul-substance

German-language book "Die Feinstoffliche Erweiterung unseres Weltbildes" by Dr. Klaus Volkamer, 480 pages, 4th revised and extended edition 2015, ISBN 978-3-946533-00-9, published by BROSOWSKI publishing (Berlin, Germany): https://www.brosowski-publishing.com/volkamer_feinstoffliche_erweiterung_unseres_weltbildes

German-language presentation "Der H2O-zu-Diesel-Prozess von egm International und die Feinstofflichkeitsforschung" by Dr. Klaus Volkamer (2014): http://www.borderlands.de/Links/PraesVolkamer.pdf

Video of a German-language talk by Dr. Klaus Volkamer about subtle matter at the congress of the Swiss Association for Free Energy in Einsiedeln (Switzerland) on 4 October 2009 (in German): http://vimeo.com/10223978