Keppe Motor - A new approach in physics and energy technology

Last update 3 August 2015

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The following are some interesting notes from a presentation given by the co-inventors C. Soos and R. Frascari at the Congress "Autonome Energiesysteme" in Schloss Hofen / Austria on 4 September 2010:

The so-called Keppe Motor is a novel and highly efficient electric motor which is driven by a pulsed DC current. It displays the unusual feature that its operation is not accompanied by the production of heat. Furthermore, by means of specific modifications the Keppe Motor is able to run without any input power. This mode of operation is based on the extraction of usable energy from the space energy. 

About the concepts or new physics of N. R. Keppe:

Matter is created by a resonance of space energy. In Keppe's terminology the space energy is called essential energy. The essential energy is constituted of two components, attraction and repulsion. Atoms are considered as vortices.

If electricity is generated by moving or rotating magnets or by electrochemical batteries, then this corresponds only to one component of the essential energy. This is the cause of the low efficiency and heat losses (entropy) in conventional electric systems.

From the perspective of the essential energy the common AC current does not represent a real alternating current. Both AC and DC correspond only to one direction or component of the essential energy. The "real" AC current is found in a pulsed DC current which comprises two components of the essential energy, namely action and complementation (instead of action and reaction). The Keppe Motor taps the essential energy by a pulsed DC current.

The essential energy represents an organizing energy which forms and keeps the universe on all levels. Therefore the Keppe Motor can result in beneficial effects on the health of (human) beings.

Two further interesting statements:

The essential energy permits the creation of longitudinal electromagnetic waves which are also called scalar waves.  

The concept of "internal vibration" of the essential energy complements the concept of frequency.