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Entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies

Companies with various technologies and concepts

Last update 3 December 2021

Brilliant Light Power: https://brilliantlightpower.com

Bullenergie GmbH / Bulltechnik Forschungszemtrum (in German): https://bulltechnik.de

ECAT:  For report and websites see https://novam-research.com/ecat.php

E-CAT Deutschland GmbH (in German): https://www.e-cat-deutschland.de

EMITECH - SETECH: https://novam-research.com/emitech-setech.php

Gravity 42: http://www.synergy-growth.co.uk

Inductance Energy Corporation / Earth Engine:  For report and website see https://novam-research.com

Infinity SAV: https://infinitysav.com

Keppe Motor / Keppe Physics:  For report and website see https://novam-research.com/keppe.php

LENR Cars: http://lenr-cars.com

LENR Cities: http://lenr-cities.com

LESA Maschinen GmbH (in German): https://www.lesa-maschinen.de

Neutrino Inc.:  For report and website see https://novam-research.com/neutrino-inc.php

Noca Clean Energy: http://www.nce.energy

Quantum Power Munich GmbH: https://quantumpowermunich.de

Rosch Innovations:  For report and website see https://novam-research.com/rosch-gaia-kinetic-power-plant.php

SEG Magnetics Inc.: https://segmagnetics.com

Torus Tech: https://www.torustech.com

TransAltec AG (in German): https://www.transaltec.ch

Vortex Oscillation Technology Ltd. / High Oscillating Technologies UG: http://www.vortexosc.com

Previous companies whose websites are no longer available

EBM Gamma Manager Kft.: www.gammamanager.com                                                Website no longer available since about January 2018

Innova Tehno: http://innovatehno.eu                                                                            Website no longer available since about 10 January 2018

Magmov: www.magmov.co                                                                                       Website no longer available

Marwan Chemie: www.marwan-chemie.de                                                                    Website no longer available

Platinum Invests Group: http://platinum-invests.eu/palladium-green-energy/?lang=en Website no longer available