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Entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies

Are entirely novel energy technologies and self-running systems really genuine and why does it take so long to make them tangible and commercially available ?

Last update 31 December 2023

Are entirely novel energy technologies and self-running systems really genuine ?

Some are really genuine and some are not. The author of this website assumes to the best of his knowledge and belief that the systems presented in this website and in this information document are real.

In case of systems which are not really genuine there are two cases:

  • Fraud  –  i.e. the communicated or presented specifications of the system were never achieved and are intentionally wrong
  • The researchers / developers / inventors were convinced that the created system is really working, e.g. because the measured electric output power is larger than the electric input power. Later it was revealed that this was a fallacy and the previous conclusion had to be withdrawn, e.g. because the power measurement was not correct

Often it requires intuition, an ability to discriminate, or a careful and time-consuming inspection in order to decide if a system works really as specified or assumed.

Why does it take so long to make entirely novel energy technologies and self-running systems tangible and commercially available ?

Examples of reasons why it takes so long or longer than expected:         

  • The number of people who are aware of / work in the area of / support / believe in these technologies is still relatively small - but constantly growing
  • Lack of appropriate or continuous support and funding and no official teaching in schools, universities, and other academic institutions
  • Specific lobbies and the global political power structure have suppressed the emergence of these technologies
  • Disagreement between researchers / inventors and investors
  • Sometimes inventors do not want to spread their invention (for various reasons) or have unrealistic financial expectations
  • Inappropriate communication of the invention or project
  • The time needed for research and development, the development of a prototype which is suitable for serial production, and establishing a serial production is often underestimated
  • Long-term performance and safety tests may reveal some issues which require some modifications of the system or even may reveal its non-suitability for commercial applications
  • In several cases the customer, facility, or company where an entirely novel energy technology is installed does not communicate that publicly (for various reasons)
  • In several cases the customer does not want to purchase but wants to lease a power plant. Then it has to be discussed if the manufacturer is willing and able to establish such an option