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Last update 7 February 2015 

7 February 2015 The website from Rober B. Steele about chemistry and superconductivity comprises several papers and considerations: Exploring the Chemistry of Metallic Solids including Superconductors: . Approaching an Ambient Superconductor: . A New Picture of Superconductivity -  Lightning Bolt Electrons in a Crystal: . Perovskites Designed as Drude Metals and Ambient Superconductors: . Rocksalts Designed as Super-Electrides, Drude Metals, and as Possible High Temperature Superconductors:  . Lead, Tin, and Bismuth as the Guest Atoms in Super-electride Drude Metals:

26 November 2014 About so-called ultraconductors: Information in the website of the Aesop Institute: . The following reports have been cleared for public release and can be downloaded from this website: Report 1 from 1995 (600 kB pdf), Report 2 from 1996 (900 kB pdf), Report 3 from 1998 (800 kB pdf) and Report 4 from 1999 (4 MB pdf). Many thanks to Mark Goldes from the Aesop Institute for providing these reports.

20 July 2014 Superconductivity and zero-point oscillations. Several papers by B. S. Vasiliev: and and and and a paper published in Physica C 471 (2011) 277:

20 July 2014 Theory of high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates. Paper by H. C. Haunschild

Presentation "Searching for Room Temperature Superconductors" (4 MB pdf): 

Presentation about oxides of the type AnBnO3n+2 and why they might have a potential to create new high-Tc superconductors (15 MB pdf):                                     . Note: The highest Tc claim does not represent an established value.

Two German patent applications (Offenlegungsschriften DE 101 09 973 A1 and DE 10 2008 047 334 A1), published in October 2002 and March 2010, describe, in the context of cold fusion, metal-hydrogen superconductors                   with Tc > 273 K: and

About Hadronic Superconductivity which is based on the so-called Hadronic Mechanics / Physics, an extension of quantum mechanics for extended particles, non-linear, non-potential and non-local interactions: (see section 3.2) . 

Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity Beyond BCS with Realistic Coulomb and Fröhlich Interactions, A. S. Alexandrov, Journal of Superconductivity and Magnetism 26 (2013) 1313 - 1217: . Many thanks to Felix Scholkmann for the communication of this link

High Temperature superconductivity: The sound of hidden order,    J. Zaanen, Nature 498 (2013) 41 - 42: . Many thanks to Felix Scholkmann for the communication of this link.

Search for New Very High Temperature Superconductors From an Applications Perspective, M. R. Beasley, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 23 (2013): Link to the paper Many thanks to Felix Scholkmann for the communication of this link.

Website of Prof. Dr. Claudia Felser:

Journal "Superconducting Science and Technology":