Entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies

Associations, institutes, foundations, individuals, specific devices, projects, and sources of information

Last update 7 April 2019

Aesop Institute: www.aesopinstitute.org

Aetherometry: www.aetherometry.com

Austrian Association GAIA (in German): http://gaia-energy.org

Austrian Association PKS about the researchers Viktor Schauberger and Walter Schauberger: www.pks.or.at

Austrian Association for Space Energy (ÖVR) (in German): http://www.oevr.at

Borderlands of Science (in German): http://www.borderlands.de

Breakthrough Energy Movement: http://globalbem.com

EarthTech International: http://www.earthtech.org

Evert.de - Website of Prof. em. Alfred Evert about ether physics and entirely novel energy technologies: http://www.evert.de

German Association for Space Energy (DVR) (mainly in German): http://www.dvr-raumenergie.de

Herrensteinrunde (in German): http://www.herrensteinrunde.de 

Institute for Venture Science: http://www.theinstituteforventurescience.net

Integrity Research Institute: http://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org

Jean-Louis Naudin's website: http://jnaudin.free.fr 

Jeane Manning`s website: http://changingpower.net

Journal "Infinite Energy": http://www.infinite-energy.com 

Journal "NET-Journal" (in German): http://www.borderlands.de/inet.jrnl.php3  

Neue Energietechnologien / New energy technologies - An initiative in North Germany (in German): http://neue-energietechnologien.de

Neutrino-based projects and technologies - Website of Holger Thorsten Schubart (in German): http://www.neutrino-schubart.com

New Energy Movement: http://www.newenergymovement.org 

Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices  a comprehensive website by Patrick J. Kelly: http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk 

(Self-running) Ram pumps / Hydraulic oscillations: http://novam-research.com/ram-pumps.php

Reactionless electromagnetic generator and new concepts in physics of the Indian engineer and researcher Paramahamsa Tewari: http://novam-research.com/tewari.php

Regina Lamour - Independent professional in the area of the energy transition: https://www.linkedin.com/in/regina-lamour-06b6721b/de

Reid Cell and vacuum energy - Website of Marcus Reid: http://www.vakuumenergie.de

Swiss Association for Space Energy (SVR) (in German): http://www.svrswiss.org 

Swiss Association for Zero-Point Energy (SVN) / Project Swiss IRRC (Induction Space Energy Resonance Converter) (in German): http://befreiteenergie.wordpress.com 

Swiss Study Group for Free Energy (SAFE) (in German): http://www.safeswiss.ch 

The Tom Bearden Website: http://www.cheniere.org

ThorstenLudwig.de - Website of Dr. Thorsten Ludwig about physics and entirely novel energy technologies: http://thorstenludwig.de/indexengl.htm