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Water - Structure, science, structured water, and swirled or vortex water

Creation date 6 October 2020

Website about water structure and science: http://www1.lsbu.ac.uk/water

Website about hexagonal water and science: https://hexagonalwater.com

Website of the Austrian Schauberger Family Trust PKS about the independent researcher Viktor Schauberger and swirled or vortex water (available in German and English): https://pks.or.at/en

Website of the German company Fischer GmbH which produces and sells the Original Martin Water Swirler (in German): https://www.wasserwirbler.de

Water swirlers from the German company Alvito (in German): https://alvito.com/de/produkte/wasserwirbler/#category-overview . In Switzerland they are available from the Swiss company free energy (in German): https://www.freeenergy.ch/produkt-kategorie/wasserwirbel

Handmade hyperbolic glass funnel and accessories for the creation of swirled water by Thomas Wewerka in Bavaria in Germany (in German): https://wasserwirbler.org

Hyperbolic Schauberger funnel made of acrylic glass, accessories, and related products for the creation of swirled water by the Swiss company Wytor AG: https://www.hyperbel.ch

Some information about the so-called fourth phase of water (see also the above-mentioned website hexagonalwater.com):