Entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies

Self-running running and zero emission generators based on autonomous hydraulic oscillations and the ram pump principle

Last update 21 May 2017

This self-running and zero emission energy technology is based on a specific type of constructions which are  operated with water (or another fluid), or under water, or under a high internal water or fluid pressure. These systems - also called self-running ram pumps - generate usable mechanical, electric and / or thermal energy via autonomous hydraulic oscillations. Self-running ram pumps were, for example, constructed and advanced by the Russian inventor Dr. V. Marukhin and his co-workers. There are various kinds of consructions and sizes. For example, a steel tube design with a height and diameter of about 80 and 20 cm that is operated with an internal fluid pressure and oscillation frequency of about 3000 bar and 3000 Hz generates a permanent electric output power up to 1 MW.

The mechanical energy of the hydraulic water (fluid) oscillations is converted into electric energy by piezoelectric transducers. The created high voltage can be converted into a convenient form of electricity such as 230 V AC / 50 Hz by a so-called IGBT inverter.

The generators that are operated with a high internal water (fluid) pressure cannot be simply switched on or off. To initiate the self-running hydraulic water (fluid) oscillations it is necessary to apply a specific high pressure pulse for a short time. That procedure requires special skills and an environment or room which is suitable for experiments under high pressure. Once the self-running hydraulic water (fluid) oscillations are started it is not necessary to stop them periodically, even if there are no electrical loads. Therefore the special starting procedure is usually required just once.

The autonomously running generators developed by Dr. M. Marukhin and his co-workres are already in use at some undisclosed industrial customers.

Comments concerning the operation principle of self-running and zero emission generators which are based on hydraulic water (fluid) oscillations: The author of this website assumes that these and any other self-running energy technologies extract usable energy from an everywhere present form of energy which is called space energy, space-time energy, vacuum energy, or ether energy as described in an information document about entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies. The tapping of this form of energy happens probably via the earth`s gravitational field which acts on the water (fluid) molecules and / or via electromagnetic fields that act at the atomic level between or on water (fluid) molecules.

References and further information:

The following pdf slide set from a talk by Adolf Schneider about novel energy technologies on 3 November 2016 at the World Clean Energy Conference 2016 in Geneva in Switzerland presents on pages 25 - 32 the ram pump principle and the generators from Dr. V. Marukhin and his co-workres (file size about 2 MB): http://novam-research.com/resources/Novel-energy-technologies_Talk-by-Adolf-Schneider-at-WCEC-on-3-Nov-2016_Slide-set.pdf 

Website in Russian and English: http://www.innovenergy.org

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The author of this website thanks Adolf Schneider and Inge Schneider from the

for various reports, presentations, and communications about this type of entirely novel energy technology.