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Entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies

New concepts in physics and space energy technology from the company EMITECH - SETECH

Creation date 19 January 2020

Last update 22 April 2020

Information in English

pdf document with table of contents about the company EMITECH-SETECH and its space energy technology (58 pages, file size about 2 MB): https://novam-research.com/resources/EMI_Summary_E1_Jan-2020.pdf

Short summary about EMITECH: https://novam-research.com/resources/EMI_Short-Summary-E7.pdf

Information in German

Informationen in Deutsch

pdf-Dokument mit Inhaltsverzeichnis über die Firma EMITECH-SETECH und deren Raumenergie-Technologie (61 Seiten, Dateigrösse etwa 2 MB): https://novam-research.com/resources/EMI_Zusammenfassung_D1_Jan-2020.pdf

Kurze Zusammenfassung über EMITECH: https://novam-research.com/resources/EMI_Kurz-Zusammenfassung-D7