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Entirely novel and environmentally friendly energy technologies

Self-running and zero emission 3 kW generators from the company Magmov

Are they credible and genuine ?

Last update 3 October 2017

Since about January 2017 the company Magmov in Georgia offers a self-running and zero emission                                      3 kW / 230 (120) V / 50 (60) Hz generator. Its specified dimensions and weight are about 70 x 45 x 37 cm and 40 kg, respectively. This generator can be ordered via the Magmov website www.magmov.co

Image from a video of the website www.magmov.co

The company Magmov is not able to handle all purchase orders alone and they are looking for partners in various countries concerning series production and marketing. It was / is intended to establish a manufacturing of these generators in various countries. To demonstrate these generators several events were planned in various countries, among others also in Switzerland. The Swiss event was originally planned for 20 May 2017. It was then two times postponed and later cancelled because it did appear uncertain if a working generator becomes really available.

In June 2017 the author of this website attended a meeting where the current status of the Magmov project was discussed. Furthermore, the author of this website attended a conference about entirely novel energy technologies and related topics which took place from 29 September 2017 to 1 October 2017 in Graz in Austria. The planned conference program from 27 September 2017 is available here in English and in German . On 1 October 2017 it was scheduled that the inventor Daniel Yousseffi from the company Magmov presents a working 3 kW generator. Actually, Daniel Youseffi was on 1 October 2017 there and gave a talk, however he did not present a working generator.

The assessment of the author of this website from the two above-mentioned events is the following:

The inventor Daniel Youseffi from the company Magmov was so far not able to show a working generator. Questions were often not or not properly answered. Details of the concept, pictures of an assembled and functioning generator, and measured data were not shown. It is still an open question whether the concept really works. So far there is no comprehensible proof that already payed and allegedly produced and shipped generators were really produced and shipped. Therefore it is inappropriate that the company Magmov shows and offers their generator (already now) in their website.