Self-running magnet motor from the Turkish inventor Muammer Yildiz

This magnet motor comprises a special array of permanent magnets and a self-running prototype was presented at the Eindhoven University of Technology / Netherlands in April 2009 and at the University of Delft / Netherlands in May 2010: . Two papers "Introducing the Yildiz Motor" and "Modeling the Yildiz Motor" by Dr. J. L. Duarte from the Department of Electrical Engineeering of the Eindhoven University of Technology / Netherlands: . Website about the Yildiz Magnet Motor: . Report in the May / June 2010 issue of the NET-Journal (in German): . The Yildiz Magnet Motor was also presented at 41th inventor fair in Geneva / Switzerland, see a report on page 12 in the May / June 2013 issue of the NET-Journal (in German): author of the website considers the Yildiz Magnet Motor as a further example / evidence of novel energy technologies which tap via magnetic fields a hitherto unexplored form of energy and assumes that this is an everywhere present form of energy which is called space energy, vacuum energy, zero point energy, ether energy, or space-time energy.