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Information document about entirely novel energy technologies and related topics (1 MB pdf)

Report about kinetic power plants from Rosch

Dr. Frank  Lichtenberg / Physicist

Welcome to this website which is dedicated to subjects in the area of an advanced or extended physics / science. Own presentations, articles or reports are presented mainly on this page. Presentations, articles, reports, websites, links, news, and events from others are presented mainly in Topics & Links and News All this is aiming to contribute to a progress and paradigm shift in science, technology and consciousness, and to an enjoyable evolution of mankind.

6 August 2016 Presentation for the general public, scientists, engineers, decision makers, and wealthy personalities: Information document about entirely novel energy technologies and other fundamentally new developments in science and technology & Funding call for an independent research facility (34 + 33 = 67 slides or pages, 1 MB pdf, version 82 from 6 August 2016)

22 November 2015 Introduction and summary about the novel and environmentally friendly LENR-based energy technology ECAT: (5 pages)

12 December 2015 Presentation of a research project: Searching for Room Temperature Superconductors (120 slides or pages, 4 MB pdf, version 46 from 12 December 2015)

8 October 2016 Observations, considerations and hypotheses about the chemical elements and the number 3: The tripartition of the chemical elements (86 slides or pages, 1 MB pdf, version 6 from 8 October 2016)

27 January 2012 Paper about the electro- and magnetostatics of the so-called ECE Theory: A study of the electro- and magnetostatic ECE equations (82 pages, 1 MB pdf, version 10 from 22 January 2012)

July 2015 Presentation about a laboratory at the ETH Zurich (Switzerland) for the synthesis of special oxides and melt-grown crystals: (about 300 slides or pages, about 30 MB pdf)

July 2015 Presentation about oxides of the type AnBnO3n+2: (about 130 slides or pages, about 15 MB pdf)

19 April 2016 Presentation / Power Point Show with videos about the melt-grown synthesis and structural and physical properties of AnBnO3n+2 = ABOx type materials and other perovskite-related layered oxides: (about 200 slides or pages, file type ppsx, file size 80 MB)

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