Blacklight Power - An entirely novel energy technology which is based on previously unknown ground states of hydrogen atoms & The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics of R. L. Mills

Last update 12 July 2012

12 July 2012 Blacklight Power announces a new technology which generates electric energy from water vapor, the so-called Cataliyst Induced Hydrino Transition (CIHT) Cell: . This technology is approved by several established scientists and engineers and their validation reports are published in the following link: . Many thanks to Martin Mayer for the communication of this information.

Blacklight Power website: . It is stated that this novel kind of energy generation is based on electronic transitions from the well-known ground state of hydrogen into lower states, called hydrino states, which were  previously unknown or experimentally not accessible. The Blacklight Power website also contains papers and presentations about the so-called Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics of R. L. Mills, see e.g. (5 MB pdf). Among other things this theory assumes that the electron in an atom consists of a complex spherical two-dimensional pattern of (super)currents which gives rise to the well-known features of the electron such as the phenomenon of electron spin. For further links and information about hydrinos see . There is also a commercially available computational software for atomic and molecular structures which is based on R. L. Mill's theory: